Friday, March 30, 2007


wow...thanks for the collection of comments on my last blog...
this is just a very short blog entry to say a big welcome to Mark who started his own blog...check out my friends list.
and welcome back to sarah who has finally decided to continue bloging after a 6 week break :)
i gtg now...we ogff to the mass at zebbug...just ame back from another great afternoon with matt lou and dezz, ill post comments up another time.

Vegetarians aren't people


Chris said...

Wtf, Sim. We, the readers, demand more effort.

Here's the problem:

I (me) and other friends of yours only get an inkling of what's going on in your life via this blog.

If you don't update, we worry you might have become catatonic or something.

So update.



Anonymous said...

I must say dis guy Chris (whom i had d pleasure of meetin 2day) is another Matt nd simon in a different walk into d canteen at uni...i see matt and chris behind a laptop...their heads hunched...completely absorbed into wot theyre doin...eyes wide open completely taken in...i got round d laptop 2look at d screen and i see one of these internet games ud expect 11yr old boys 2b absorbed in!;):P (sry both of u i cudnt help but say it!)

no offence though! its original for 1st year medical students i must say!:P lool ;)

lool twas a great day!
i luv comin 2 uni 2meet u ppl;)

Chris said...

Alright... Firstly, it's not an internet game.

Secondly, Worms is so awesome because of the social aspect. Playing it alone is really rather dull :(

But it was fun to finally meet you too, Dezz.

Just so you know, I will call you Desu from time to time.

Anonymous said...

lool ok sry Chris!;)

Y Desu? :S :S lool i need an explanation pls...!


Anonymous said...

Mark hi, i cant comment on ur swt blog it doesnt alllow anonymous bloggers and i give up making an id it doesnt work i tried 5 times!!:(


Chris said...

Aww, just make an account Dezz. A google account is fine. Don't you have gmail?

I'll explain Desu someday ;)

Anonymous said...

No chris i dnt hav gmail and i tried d google account, nd exactly after i make a password and it fine i try to log in again and it doesnt work!!...i rllly cnt make head or tail of it!

Ufff u..."someday" wot dyu mean by "someday"?!! uwejjjaaa lool wot a pain! ;)

PS:(im expecting an explanatn in ur next comment!)lol

Toodles! ;)
Ejja sim write a blog!=)=)