Monday, August 06, 2007


Hey people,
Sorry, haven't blogged in a while, but been rather busy with the healing service.
Well, it went well, would like to give a BIG BIG thank you to all those who HELPED set up, and pack up again...Pedro, Joe, Brian, you where great, Josette proset, Andrew and Godwin good work, also thanks to Sarah, Angelique, Ian, Bernice, Gabriel, Steve and all those who stayed helping packing up, while the others where eating at Fontanella....(they know who they are)
It was fun in the van with Joe, that sounds wrong...Joe and I had to go get something with the big van, it was empty, and you all know Joe's driving...lack of breaks due to less wieght...for the first time ever, I said the words "you're crazy" to a driver cause of his driving...scary...It was brilliantly fun though =)
Well everything else was brilliant, God is great...and did great deads.
An other special thanks to Pedro and Joe, For working non-stop all day, and to Pedro for the message this morning: made my day =)
Well, yesterday, woke up with muscle cramps all along my shoulders and arms, and slept all day to recover.
In the evening had an event...SURPRISE! lol sorry hun.

well, today back to work for another week...ehhh...and tomorrow my Angel going to Germany until the 15th :( enjoy it sweet, going to miss you.

Well, thats about it...gotta go cause my boss just walked in...



Anonymous said...

1. if ur not gonna put down ALL the names, dont put any names down at all :P
2. that fontanella part is just childish


Simon said...

1. I tried my best to remember all of them, but being exhausted at the time it was difficult
2. U weren't there seeing your brothers and sisters getting hurt because of some inconsideration... so you can't say what is childish and what is not.

Drew said...

need to say a word is very tempting for me and for anyone who was with us carrying to set off a rant about people who helped and who didnt, especially since we were extremely exhausted, and this isnt the first time this thing happened. But i wont do that itss pointless and we wont get anywhere.

What i want to do instead to all those who read the blog is to illustrate the situation better. Everyone is tired, that is a fact please let us not stay comparing who was more tired than who, but everyone who was there was tired and normally after a healing service or activity people are tired. I understand that.

But if we are all tired, why dont we all share a bit of the work and we all go home a bit more tired which is easily curable with a good nights sleep than put all the work in the hands of a few and send them home nearly dead tired with the fatigue. I know some of you will say i was there and you didnt give me what to do, well ive got two answers to that.

1) you most probably came at the end when all the hard work was done at the beginning because putting the things into the van isnt the hard part but dismnatling htme and getting them next to the van.
2) Even if there was nothing to do, one should stay there in solidariety with those who are doing something, going off to eat and drink while some are left to work doesnt really encourage those who are working. So since we are one community and we pray and insist so much on unity then why dont we stay next to each other until all the work is done?

I will end off by talking of an unsung hero, we all know about Pedro and Maggi and their tremendous sacrifices, but there is someone you might now know about.

Johnie Pullicino, this is the man who took up in his truck the stack and all its pieces and stores them in his garage (for free). This man helped with the dismantling and Godwin himself and i went to his garage to dismantle the stage materials where we finished at 2 am. Only to find out that this man starts work at 3 am as he is a delivery man with Golden Harvest. This man has every justification and valid reason not to come and help and no one can tell him anything yet he comes out of the kindness of his heart.

Ill end off with a biblical quote , 'The harvest is large but the workers are few.' This means that yes sometimes weve got to do the work of 3 or four persons, but after all isnt it worth it if we put a smile on God's face.

Allan said...

"Pedro, Joe, Brian, you where great,"
or rather
"Pedro, Joe, Brian, you were great,"

and then there's

"lack of breaks due to less wieght"
"lack of brakes due to less wieght"

"God is great...and did great deads"
evolves into
"God is great...and did great deeds"

Until next time darling.

Allan said...

Oh, and 'wieght' should be 'weight'.

Simon said...

...thanks Allan