Thursday, August 30, 2007

Many choices...One future


I'm a bit down and confused as anything.

Till now, I am confirmed to be going back to University next October, repeating first year Architecture. Now, there are stuff I like in the course, I mean the whole design process is fun, although a bit restricted. The rest of the topics and lessons are what really put me off. Also I'm not sure I imagine myself doing the job of an Architect for the rest of my working life. On the other hand, it's a good well respected and well earning job, wanting to have a family one day, those are really good plus points.
I was speaking to a great friend of mine about this, and she also reminded me about another course in Uni. I had never really given it much thought, but, as she pointed out, my photo adiction, camera passion, photoshop, sketching and editing 'skills' make me a very good canditate to do something serious with the Comunications Course. I could do that and I don't think I'll ever get bored of it, also I think it could pay well, not as much as Architecture, fair enough, but enough to keep a family for sure. Also from this line of studies, I could go on to my dream...eventually...animation. But even If i don' know....
Then of course, in the back of my mind, there is always the 'buggering university' option. By this I don't mean stopping studying, but I mean going into MCAST, Art and Design, and going into Graphic Design. This of course is the course where I can express most of my artistic self, I can go crazy, and although it will be hard to get to the top, If i manage to make a name for myself and at least get into the top few on the island (thinking realistic and not saying 'on the globe')I could live off it nicely. There is a lot of work for Graphic Designers, if they're good enough, in this culture where advertisments are getting more and more complex and need more and more work.
Of course I could always do one and then the other, like do the communication course and while starting working in that line, start the MCAST course to open up my options even more. But would mean I'm going to be studying until the minimum age of 28...I like to hope I'de be settled down by then.
The problem is either I decide soon, or I'm going back to Architecture for another year whether I like it or not. So please pray for me that I might know, soon, what the Big Guy has planned for me.
Bloody choices!

A side note: Welcome to Karla (A.K.A. Kai) to the bloging community, link on my friends list. Warm welcome everyone...come on...



Marquita said...

Hi Simon...couldn't help not posting a comment here. Just a little sharing since my 16-year-old sister was going through something similar...

My sister is very much like you as regards creativity and artistic abilities. And, somewhere along the line, she did consider architecture. Thing is, my parents weren't so happy with the desicion because "architecture doesn't pay as much as it used to" and, somehow, they felt it's just not for her. Whether the former is true, I DON'T REALLY KNOW but my parents heard this from, what I can gather, reliable sources (I parents will only give the BEST advice they could to my sister).

She now decided on ICT (i.e. computer and, if I'm not mistaken, specifically computer engineering as she progresses in her studies) and she's very confident about her choice now that she made up her mind. Also, my father works at MITTs and my cousin's husband is a manager at ETC. Both can confirm that people graduated in I.T. are in short supply: they're VERY HARD TO FIND and THEY ARE NEEDED. A computer job is one of the best jobs there are around at this present moment. I'm not saying take up computer studies (though you MIGHT have the course entry requirements for it). I'm just telling you everything I know (and I admitt to knowing very little) and there will CERTAINLY be people who will disagree with this comment.

Having mentioned this, "making it big" is a real lot of sweat (for most people) whatever you decide to do and be in life. But, I think, that if you have your heart and mind really set on something, you will be ready to go that extra mile to get what you want (or, at least, close to what you want). Just avoid hasty decisions as they're not worth it. In the meantime you're in my prayers.

^KaI^ said...

hey sim
thatnks for d warm welcome :)
hope u figure out wat u want to do..praying for u..and a word of advice(maybe not) do wat ur most happy doing cos after a few yrs u will end up getting fed up anf giving up if u dont have d extra "want" to do it...
gbu xxx

lessismore said...

Dont just consider what you want to do...cos at the end of the day, if u do 'wat ur most happy doing', you may end up with no money in ur pocket. You need to find something you like doing but also can earn you money. Some ppl will tell u 'do wat makes u most happy', others will say 'do someting that will earn you money'...these are extremes at the opposite ends of their spectrum. What you need to do is find common ground. Im sure you'll find the course for you.

P.S. Architecture requires a shitload of work....if ur gonna choose it, uve got to work alot dude.

Chris D'Alfonso said...

Hey simon! How's it going gbin? Dunno how i stumbled here but now that I'm here I'll let you in on some reality checks! Numero uno - unless you are robbing banks no job will ever pay enough! Due - MAKE SURE you do something you like! You are going to wake up to a job for the next 40 years, no matter how prestigious, well paying or any other reason you can give to it, if you don't enjoy it you won't ever get out of bed. Third and most important...take these decisions from the blog and place them at His feet. He knows what he's doing and although you might be confused at times He's go the birds eye view of things, so just trust Him that things will work out.

See ya soon,