Saturday, August 25, 2007

Splash of Colour

The sun beat down on the two soldiers as they waited crouching behind the thin wooden wall. The only sound to be heard was of gun shot and bullets hitting their protective barrier. A sudden movement to their right made them look up: Mig was makin a break for a hut in the middle of the battle field which was a valuable stratigical point. All of a sudden a splash of colour and Mig was down. An other victim of this insanity. No time to react to the loss, as the whistle of a bullet flying too close for comfort makes them refocus. They duck down even lower to the ground.

After a few seconds, one of them risks a glance over the barrier and sees a soldier from the yellow army making a run for a mound closer to their base. With no feeling whatsoever, except maybe hope that the shot will not go wasted, he pulls the trigger repetedly, and another splash of colour and the enemy soldier went down. He ducks out of sight as bullets from multiple directions come whizzing towards him.

Back at the base the three soldiers left behind as a last defence looked in awe at the bravery of their fellow soldiers running around on the battle field risking all for their common cause. A bullet hits the wall of the base and the three of them duck out of sight. But cramped conditions and nervous people are sometimes more dangerous than the enemy. A shot rings out and a shout of agony rips through the sound of gun fire on the battle field. Friendly fire is an uncommon occurance, but when it happens, the spirit of the army falls.

The two soldiers behind the wall were getting edgy, they had heard the shot and shout, and knew well enouph what had just happened, the heat was getting to them as well. The decision was made. They waited for gun fire the calm down a bit. They both rose above the barrier guns blazing, he sprints towards the barrier five meters further towards the enemy base still shooting while she stood shooting and providing cover, he covered the distance quickly and dived for cover not caring about the pain the ground would cause. He landed heavily and scrambled to a crouching position to shoot towards the enemy soldier pinning down a team mate across the field.

The defenders in the base saw the sprint, but they also saw the eney soldier in the far corner of the field, rising slowly to finish off their daring friend. There was no way to warn him. They watched in horror.

The gun shot made him crouch lower and the bullet hit him in the arm. The second one got him in the back. The shock, the pain, the dissapointment.

A whistle blew.

"Who was the idiot that shot me twice?"
"Wasn't sure I got you with the first one."
"@$$ hole"

The soldiers of both 'armies' gathered together boasting about the great feats they had just witnessed. Water was passed around, the shot were counted, the guns reloaded, and then...

A whistle blew.

Soldiers burst out of their bases sprinting for the best positions while bullets wizzed passed, coming from the trigger happy people staying behind to defend...

paint ball was great, Thanks to all of you who came and made it a great event I'll never forget, and thanks to Luca for organizing it. The team spirit was amazing. No hatred or hard feelings on the field.
Thanks to Dezz for providing the photos: more photos on Sarah's blog.



Anonymous said...

the vibe...the enthusiasm...the spirit...! =)
we Must go again in winter in d rain and mud! wohoo

prosit sim amazin blog...the skill can b seen! =)


Jonathan said...

dez u absolutely right. we did that in scotland and i promise u, the mud splashed in waves!!! :) it was far too much fun not to do it in the mud. and jumping into mud for cover is softer too for the faint hearted! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey sim ...

Oh man it was So much fun .. i loved every min of d adrenaline! Cnt wait 2 do dat all again!!! cu


Anonymous said...

Does no1 comment on my blog?? :(

Matt said...

Har, o the paint-filled joy!

Your ass is mine next time.... again..... or perhaps we shall fight for a common cause?

In either case, we weill go again..... war never changes :)