Thursday, December 10, 2009

T’is the season

Yep, it’s that season, how does the song go? Makes children laugh and old people cry… something of the sorts… don’t see why old people should be crying at Christmas but *shrug*

Indeed, the lights are on in the street, the carols are playing from ‘subtly’ placed speakers, the coca cola advert is playing on television stations, and thousands of mini Santa’s are breaking into balconies all over the island.


I love it.

Yesterday had my fist shopping trip with Matt and Kai (dumdumdumdum da da dumdumdumdumdumdumdum dumdumdumdum da da, da da) and it’s something special seeing Matt loose all his maturity at a specific Christmas Carol (Can’t remember what it was).

Lol: check your balance Matt … fail.

I must say though, as a shopping expedition, if f-f-failed FAILED! Meaning no Christmas present was bought. I did buy Matt’s Birthday ’09 present though ^^ late, obviously, but it’s part of an agreement so, in the words of Charlene: “hush!”

An addition to my Christmas rituals, this year, is me looking up bass tabs for Christmas carols :) The repertoire so far include: Little drummer boy, jingle bells, silent night, and Auld Lang Sang. And Matt agreed to cover the Little Drummer boy, we might have to tackle Luca to stop him playing, but it should be fun.

Something I am honestly missing this year, it the frantic, insecure shopping for the present for the girlfriend. It is always a hassle, the worrying to find the right gift, and is it meaningful enough? Is it too cheesy? But it was fun in an exciting way, and a big part of the Christmas atmosphere. I miss it. Ah well. It’s ok though, I’m not letting this thing ruin my Christmas spirit.


The Santa Letter Hunt still goes on. For those of you who have not read my last blog, my mum said that she will still be able to find a hidden Santa letter if I had to hide one today, like she used to do when I was younger. Well, I took on the challenge, and wrote a Santa Letter, and hid it. The rules where, the letter could not be hidden among books, notes, or other papers. Fair enough. Many females, where sure that mummy power will help her find it. I on the other hand am sure she won’t.

In fact, today, 14 days from the end of the hunt, my mum came up to me and admitted that she tried to look for it and has no idea where it is. She asked for a hint. HA! Santa never got any hints!

Oh, I think I’m going to be kind and make the ending time and date for the hunt midnight on the 24th of December. So she still has a while to look around.

I think I’m going to write another Christmas list because leaving it to my mum finding the letter is going to leave me without my preferred pressies :S

So comments: other songs I need to know for your entertainment, and if my mother will find the Santa letter on time.




Steve Diacono said...

what I am invisible ?

Simon said...

u were there for what? half an hour? my sister was there for a bit too, but she doesn't get a mention either.

Steve Diacono said...

pffff fine

Krissie said...

FA LA LA LA LAAAAAA... la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D