Thursday, December 17, 2009

Last Lectures b4 Christmas

The 17th of December, so 17 days into the letter finding challenge, and my mum is still not as efficient as Santa used to be. And i must say, she seems to be accepting the fact that she will not be able to find it before Christmas.
So for all you out there believing in the all awesome Mummy Power, HA!
That being said, there still are 8 days. She might get lucky.

Anyway... Christmas is flying at us. i mean, it's coming closer so fast. it could be because a lot is going on and therefore i have no time to just sit and think about it. Love this season!

Worship team weekend starts tomorrow. Looking forward to that too. Kelly is all ready and eager.

My lips are chafing like crazy, I mean full out splitting and bleeding here, sigh, i need a girl to kiss who puts on lip balm, cause i can't be bothered... any volunteers? ;)


ah shopping....

at the moment I'm sitting in a lecture, next to Mark (shout out to him) listening to this funny looking priest ramble on about... the anointing of the sick... sorry, i forgot for a second there :P
it's my only lecture which is wifi friendly all week, so i get excited,
shout out to Nicole and Bettina who i skyped with earlier.
oh and video chatting with someone in the same lecture gives lols.

after this lecture, just one more hour of lectures before Christmas Holidays :)
:) :)



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