Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 evaluation

well, hello readers,
this is the traditional end of year blog, the summary basically.
These events are not going to happen in any particular order, but more as they come to me.

  • my 2009 birthday, in which i turned 21. for the first time i took on the attitude of not expecting anything special for a day which i always held as special, and i was surprised. I would like to thank everyone who had remembered and made it really one of the best birthdays. Thanks. special thanks to Martine for the photoshop book...totally unexpected and a surprise.
  • the community weekend, more specifically the talent show video I had made called 'Faces'. was very happy with the finished result and with the reaction of all of those present in the room at its first showing. Thanks to Matt for the script, and sarah and pete for their help during filming
  • The beginning of a tradition: that of going for a swim (not in a pool) in the first week of February. last year it was matt, martine and i, lets hope the number grows this year.
  • the surprise visit of Krissie in Easter :) i was the inside man, joined to this, the late birthday pressie from Krissie, "where's my cow?" ^^
  • a sad note: angie and i broke up around easter time...
  • finished my first first year and passed to second year!
  • i got eve, my beautiful gorgeous mac book pro,
  • i got kelly my beautiful bass
  • i started filming weddings
  • i went to barcelona for a week with Angie, Bernice, Sarah and Van, lol... i survived.
  • i reached my 300th blog
  • obviously got to know more people and got closer to a lot of the people i knew already :) special mentions: matt, kai, bernice, charlene, ian, christabel, mike, luca ... LUCA!! mina, zoe...and many more which i forgot right now but im sure will be offended in the comments later :P
  • the boat party of youthful worship, thanks to ian d.
  • the outreach in valletta recently.... very good idea, and a fantastic new approach to outreaching in general, again thankyou Ian.
  • i started second year at uni!!!!! woooo!
  • i entered two competitions with videos, didn't win either.
  • won a cartoon competition of the FDAD (for diversity against discrimination)
  • Great youth weekend and worship team weekend...
  • oh oh oh how could i almost forget dislocated my shoulder for the second time and freaked Jeremy out :) but got a photo.
  • started a it was part of NaNoWriMo but i failed, but i plan to continue it.
  • oh shit, also at about the time of the the community weekend and the first swim, i smashed my fiat poor poor sweet car....
  • i got my first i pod :) seth
  • turned into a puma
  • got my art on the cover of a book, shout out to Chiara who wrote it, and a big thankyou for her trust in me. through this of course got a chance to work along side with an amazing woman, her vitality and energy inspired me to really begin using my talents and trying. she will be greatly missed.
over all good year, i grew, i met more people, i got close to a lot of others, and i am ready to go into 2010 with these new companions on life's journey, and the new knowledge from past experiences to help through the new obstacles to come.
im looking forward to new challenges, new relationships, new experiments and chances to grow and chances to work for God.
so with a bow i say good bye and thank you to 2009, and thank it for all its brought along, and with open arms accept 2010, and shout "bring it on!!!"



karla said...

well said
love it =)

Shpow said...

It's awesome, but it lack a certain something.

Simon said...

Gah how could I??!!! JAMIe, i met u dude

Shpow said...

Bahaha I know it don't worry XD