Monday, March 08, 2010

choo choo of thought

"I might tread on the snail to make Peter, a snail lover, sad," said the lecturer.

What a lovely way to wake up this morning.
So, yes, I'm actually at my 9 o'clock lecture on a Monday morning again.
This is more surprising considering the last few hours of last night where spent setting up for this weeks lenten talks.

*OMG! I just contributed to a discussion in class*
*at 9:05 on Monday!*

Anyway, back to yesterday. I mean, it was difficult, it was tiring, and I would like to truly commend Joe for his patience and dedication.
So anyway, there was a lot of work involved, so if you want to come, they're going to be held all this week starting at 7.30 at the University Chapel.

And back to the here and now:
"Is this clear?"
And I'm thinking to myself, what is clear? What is "what" referring to?
And now he's talking about getting rid of someone that's bothering him.
It's just crazy how lectures jump from one thing to another, with no form of link in between. I'll admit, I'm not exactly following all the time. But I seriously doubt anyone in this room is.
I mean, anyone who has heard me describe how I reason things out and come to conclusions will know that when it comes to choo choos of thought mine are pretty unpredictable. But they always make sense. Andrew can most probably vouch for the logic, and Matt is the one that usually can guess, without me having to explain the steps involved in a thought process.
The thing is, I think logically, that people can follow, and I make connections between one event and the other, and what one person said and the look in his eye and how two people are acting and usually I can make pretty accurate conclusions.
I think that lectures have the sanity to have a reason why they're going from one point to another, but I think they forget that the vital piece of information needed to make the connection, is not present in our head.
And the one thing that I think stops us finding out that little information detail is, we don't care enough.


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