Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunrises and lies

This weekend was spent, as you’ve most probably read in my last blog entry. I must say that despite my previous predictions regarding my sleep coming true, I did enjoy it greatly.

The whole experience was a fun one and the chance to spend some time with people I don’t usually have time to was the best part.

But I’d like to share a few things I learnt or observed on this camping trip:

First of all. We’ve been lied to. Now, I am here assuming that you are all people that live and have lived in urban areas all your life. So at school, at the age where we’re thought that cows go moo, and sheep go bah, we’re told that roosters crows as the sun rises. Bull! the first screechy cry from these infernal birds was heard at 00:30. I don’t know what time zone they’re from, but here, that’s about 5 hrs too early. And the crowing continues until about 8 in the morning, and then it stops. Children are given the impression the rooster crows maybe three times as the first rays of sun peep over the horizon and then calls it a day. Lies.

On the same point, every child KNOWS that a donkey makes a sound along the lines of “eeyor”. More lies thought by the pretty pre-school teachers. We were camping across a valley from a farm, and I was startled on the first morning to hear the sound of something being brutally beaten to death. Or so I thought. I was told it was a donkey. There was no “eeyor”, what there was, was more of a “heeeeeaaaaaaarrrrggggghhhhhh!”

So roosters do not greet the rising sun, and donkeys don’t go “eeyor”, next I’m going to find out pigs aren’t pink and don’t go oink!

The importance of water was also revealed to me this weekend. There was a bit of a panic that we would not have enough water. And it was justified. Seriously, we use water for EVERYTHING! Drinking, cooking, cleaning, washing, and by the time you’ve gone through those processes you’re thirsty again. But we survived.

Fair enough, the first thing I did upon getting home is shower a very long shower, then brushed my teeth, taking my time, I then shaved, and because I could, brushed my teeth again.


Both mornings, I’m lying in my sleeping-bag around 5.30am and my bladder decides it needs to empty. Fair enough. But if you think I’m going to go through the hassle of dressing quietly in a tent and getting myself outside in the relatively cold air to pee, and go through the hassle of undressing again. You don’t know me well enough. Once I’m up and about while camping, that’s it. Which I’ve found is nice. Waking up early is a nice thing, you can do so much and then look at your watch and see that if you had been home, you’d be just getting up.

And you’d think that having so much time and nothing to really do, one would get bored. But it’s incredible, the less you have to do, the more relaxed you are doing things and without knowing it and without being stressed or rushed, you get to the end of the day having had a full day.

Regarding this, I am surprised to say that I did not, at any point need the company of Mr. Clarkson or Mr. Crowder throughout the entire weekend.

Anyway, I got to see the sunrise from a cliff over the sea for two mornings in a row. Both special and beautiful, and I will always be amazed by sunrise. The colors, the calmness, the silence, and even though you’re sharing it with people, no one usually talks as the sun climbs quickly out of the sea.

On a camp, since one has no real thing to do, one finds he doesn’t mind doing something that’s going to take long.

What am I on about?

We walked to the cliff, and looking down we saw the beauty of the untouched and unspoiled environment at the bottom of the cliff. We figured this was because there was no way of getting to it except by boat. But it lead us to walk along cliff, across difficult terrain until, without realizing it, we reached the sea, and realized we had walked a long distance and for about two hours. The sea was freezing and worth the walk, and on the way back we found a chameleon, so pleasant surprises and results.


I’ve learnt that snoring does not bother me at all. But something I find entertaining is the point before sleep of some people. Their mind is wandering everywhere, and they are in no state of mind to stop their mouth sharing them. Usually resulting in a conversation like the one I had with Jonathan.

Joni: My mind wanders at night

Simon: Why what are you thinking?

Joni: To be honest, Louisa Abela

Simon: Ah, I was thinking about her this week cause her boyfriend is in a credit with me.

Joni: She must be someone’s daughter

Simon: …… Who?

Joni: J.K. Rowling

Simon: ……um?

I was perplexed. But it is interesting is it not? The right person, and you could most probably get anything out of a person in that state. Good to know.

Lastly, on the Saturday, my plan of supper was going to be a burger, maybe two. Through an amazing string of events I don’t feel like describing, me and three others ended up with a bacon cheese burger with a side of too many sausages, wine and beer.


So, as I started this post, I enjoyed the weekend greatly.

But there was nothing as good and getting into bed after getting home and cleaning myself up.

The moment my head hit the pillow.

Blissful comfort.

So in conclusion: camping is a brilliant pass time, if I can bring a shower and proper bed along.


PS: To piss off a farmer more, but not give him an opportunity to hurt you, ignore him. trust me, I tried.

PSS: For photos of the camping trip click here and here and here


Steve Diacono said...

Well in the bible the cock crowed three times at night time when peter lied so... anyway I liked the blog =)

SilentOrchestra said...

My family and I have chickens and roosters, and you are exactly right about them crowing at times other than sunrise; although with our roosters that's when they crow the most. Nice blog by the way. :)

Dave Sargeant said...

I laughed and understood. Great post. Found your blog by going to next blogm mine is beauties of creation. Dave.

Matt said...

Le ta I don't feel like reading all this

Anonymous said...

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