Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Leaping non-cute sheep

It’s incredible how many thoughts can go through your head throughout a lecture. It helps if the lecturer speaks in a continuous drone. In the past 43 minutes I have contemplated food, a presentation, blog subjects, the design for a more comfortable bench, a drawing I want to do, food again, reminding events from yesterday, my bag, the human being as an animal, who’s at Chaplaincy, what Kai is doing, my hair, the pain in my shoulder, Matt in London, sketches for people, poster designs, video ideas, Patty, St. Patrick’s day, bass and many more.

It’s astonishing.

It’s astonishing how the mind can be so restless. I mean if it picked one topic and stopped on it and delved deep into that subject, fine, I’d at least be able to write a blog about it.

But as it is, I find myself at a loss on which of these mentioned points and also the ones coming in all the time.

I mean seriously, my mind is acting like the screwed up weather we’re having lately. One minute it’s focusing on one thing, next, like a freak hail storm, with no warning, I’m thinking about something else.

It’s annoying to me on two levels.

First, with my mind in such an active mood, it’s very near impossible to even try and follow what the lecturer is saying for more than 5 minutes, let alone 2 hrs straight.

Secondly, and more importantly, me in this mood, is me in a creative mood, and I want to do something. And I can not decide what to do. Draw, write, edit? The possibilities and interests are endless.

I can’t complain though. Well, I can, and I am, what I meant to say was that there are worst times to be the owner of a restless brain.

Lying in bed trying to sleep, knowing you have an early day the following day is one of them.

We’ve all been there: lying in bed, trying to sleep, and your brain won’t stop working no matter what you try. It’s the time you try to count sheep and your mind starts asking questions like “what color are they?” and then tries to imagine sheep, and then wonders what’s so nice about one side of the fence to make so many sheep jump over. Hmmmm, could I draw a realistic sheep? And why do people draw sheep as cute? Sheep aren’t cute, lambs are, but sheep aren’t. Sheep are nasty looking creatures. I wonder if I remember how to play ‘Mary had a little Lamb’ on the piano….

And so on.

And under all that a little voice crying softly to itself “I want to sleep”.

A restless mind at Church. Enough said? I think so.

Now, the problem with the next one is that it’s not only annoying, but it could get you into trouble. I mean fine, the lecture situation might get you into trouble, but unless the lecturer is one of those asking questions type of person, you’re fine. But the situation I’m about to describe will result in a wrath so powerful descending upon you, you will never be the same.

You’re on the sofa, with the TV switched on, with your girlfriend/ fiancé/ wife cuddling with you. Fine so far. No one is talking and your brain goes off.

A few minutes later, you realize she’s been talking and you come back just in time to here the last word in an questioning tone. Shit.

It is possible to survive, but one must be brilliant at coming up with some epic bullshit.

Having gone to Stella Maris or De La Salle helps.

So, with a mind going on and on, on a random tour of thought, what can one do?

Well, one sits down, pulls out pen and paper, or rather, opens his or her laptop and writes ‘[Enter name here] in Wonderland’



Bahsheep said...

not non-cute!

Shpow said...

Oh God what my mind thinks up. And I can vouch for our schools being able to produce the biggest bullshitters ever XD

Anonymous said...
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Patty Grech said...

Now you've given us even more to think about :P