Friday, March 19, 2010

ipod? check! let’s go camping

I am, right now, Camping.

Yes indeed.

Outside, sleeping with just a thin layer of material protecting me from the outside world. Spending my day among the trees and nature.


At least that’s what I assume I’ll be doing. Cause as I write this I’m at home eating breakfast, but it will be published while I’ll be camping.

I realized, as this weekend approached that, contrary to many people’s opinion, I’m getting old. I used to love the idea of camping, and the idea, of time to climb trees, and stay up late outside with no light but the one we create, and building a fire and dancing around it naked, and I still do. But what’s been making me dread this weekend, with all my heart, soul and bones, especially bones, is the idea of not sleeping in a comfortable bed for two nights in a row. I’m going to be sleeping on an excuse of a mattress, feeling every stone and branch that always ends up under the tent.

I’m completely terrified of tomorrow morning. Honestly.

If this doesn’t mean I’m getting old, then I don’t know what does.

Another thought which occurred to me is, well, I have to be extra careful these two days, much more than in the past camping expeditions.


One slip resulting in my left hand catching my fall, and Jonathan could be practicing fixing a dislocated on me for the second time.

I will try and be careful though, meaning, I’m going to do the same dangerous stuff I would do, but if I fall, I’ll try use only my right.

The result of this attitude of course is that, I haven’t done any preparing yet. It’s actually quite funny, my mother is running around in a panic, putting a collection of food together and basically doing my packing for me. My only preparation so far was charging my ipod and mobile phone, and choosing the flavor of the cuppa’ soup packets.

All I want to know, and this is serious, is how I’m going to survive three days without youtube or twitter?