Monday, February 26, 2007


Hey people,
Just a quick rant to update you all on the weekend.
Well, first a BIG thank you to Mark for his Hospitallity last Saturday. For those who don't know, a fun Chinese night...Really great.
Yesterday was fun. After the mass at University, which was in the evening, we decided to go to Fontanella in Mdina...why? who knows?
well three vehicles all full and we drive up...the silent city was not so silent when we got there...and the place looks so much cooler and different at night, Simon likes.
Well Fontanella was closed...bugger, we turn round and eventually decide to go to 'Il-Fortizza' in Xemxija, or St. Pauls Bay, not sure. This place is brilliant, relaxed and a nice warm toasty atmosphere. The food is good and it's not at all expensive. Well an evening of eating, light drinking (obviously not the drivers) and relaxing...brilliant.
NOTE: To all the drivers, Miguel took us round an extra 10 minute drive. He missed the exit.

well this morning back to uni, just came out of an Art lecture...the guy woke up in a pissy mood, and spent two hours saying how lucky we are that he is teaching us, and that he is doing us a favour....i stopped listening after 15 minutes...ah well.

next lecture in 3 hours, going to run some errands and go to mass.

last thing: Saz starts teachiong practise today. She's been working very hard on preparing the lessons, so lets pray that she does brilliantly...have no doubt on the matter myself...

well thats it..

The penguin is better than you.
(lol mike sent me this video yesterday...couldn't stop laughing)


Chris said...

Hahaha, awesome video.

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend, I'm glad. Gonna try something along the same lines hopefully :)

It's so great when people can drive, huh?

Matt said...

lol i watched the vid yesterday on this blog but i forgot to comment. I'm still crying from it... "it looks like the bastard child of a pig and an elephant" haha. You have to give me the link