Thursday, February 22, 2007

On methods of Praise

Hey guys,
This is more of a continuation to the copmment i posted on Matt's blog..
I really want to start an instrument, not for my own satisfaction or glory, but rather to be able to Praise God in a more expressive way. I really feel limited in my showing my love and devotion to Him, who is such an important person in my life.
At the moment my only form of showing praise, is using my art.
Don't get me wrong,
I am trully and honestly grateful to God for granting me with this brilliant talent, and I'm happy it is actually being used to serve him, especially in community, but as i said in Matt's blog, Music, somehow, is much more alive...
Also Music can be used for Evangelisation and bringing people closer to God, while art is easily ignored...
I say again, I am in no way complaining for the talents i havce been given, and I'm sure He is using it in the way He sees most fit.
Somehow I know that if/ when i start an instrument, I'll be reletavily good at it, not boasting or braging (i can't anyway...never touched an instrument in my life) but somehow i know it's inside me.
Well, of course i must not ignore the capability and opportunity God has given me when it comes to filming, I thank him for this too, and it is more alive than art too...but i still feel music is more effective as a means of praise.
Here I would like to tell all those who have this talent, to thank God for it and use it for Him...don't take it for granted. Also I'de like to thank them all for helping us in praise andf encourage them to keep doing the wonderfgul job that they are already doing.
I'de like to end by saying that I am not ungratefull for the talents I have been given, and do not intend on complaining for the one's I don't have. I don't doubt God has a specific plan for me as He does for all of us, and I'm sure that He has equiped me with all I need to fullfill this plan.
to end ide like to show u the video i showed at the weekend...using God's given talent foir a way...

hope you enjoy it...

Im off to uni mass,

Praise God


Matt said...

Hehe, go for it dude. Personally i see you either on bass or drums. Either or.

"Whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God"


Allan said...

Wow dude, that drawing thing came f***ing good. Prosit.

Oh and as for instrument, I suggest electric triangle.

Chris said...

Hey Sim.

First off... That drawing is awesome, and I'm pretty sure God appreciated it. It helps the community and stuff.

As for music... Well yes, music is a "livlier" way of praising God I suppose, but you need not play an instrument. You might just be overlooking another talent: Your voice. Try singing, you never know...

Of course, all this is coming from a sinner, but hopefully I am somewhere on the road of redemption ;) Also please note that stuff like that video inspires me. God works in mysterious ways and all that.

Never underestimate your talents or what God can do with them.

Drew said...

Voice one word - Emmanuel, lol yeah i know what you mean sim, being pretty much on the same both. Id just like to give a small biblical encouragement. Remember the parable about the guy who was give 5 talents, 2 talents and 1. God wants us to learn as much as we can. The more we try and learn, the more talents well have.