Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Hey people,

Im in a rather pissy mood right now...just came back from msida. I was in msida cause i was on my way to rugby. i didnt go to rugby, cause as soon as i arrived in msida i got a msg saying we don't acctually have rugby. It took me three quarters of an hour to get here from msida cause the bloody bus system sucks balls.

Well...not much to say besides that...

I haven't got any other results yet, not looking forward to them, i mean i don't know how well i did, but on second thought, knowing where i stand is much better, at least i'de know if I'm going to repeat the year or not. Bloody lazy lecturers take there time to do anything...idiots.

I experimenting with Anime again...for those of you who don't know, Anime (or Manga) is the Japanese style of drawing cartoons, the ones with the big eyes. I've drawn one especially good one, in my opinion. Bit of a sad theme, as its a girl crying, but i likes it...Here I'de like to say thanks to Chris who introduced me to the art style *cough* -ish, also, thank hiim even more, cause it was this style that made me meet Matt.
I am also, experimenting with color a bit again...enjoying remmebering all the tricks and methods, and adding on all the stuff ive learnt since i used pencil color last.

I'm getting close to some one kind of unexpectedly. It's a good thing, I'm not complaining, quite the opposite.

Another thing is that I'm practically getting through the week by waiting for Friday's worship meeting...Since the weekend I've let God take a more central position in my life again. I just need to open my heart more to be able to listen to what he wants from me again. I know by now that when i go the other way...well...not working on that...

Oh, warning to all...i got into the habit of carrying my camera matter where it a way its good, cause a lot of the photos i take are good ones, and more importantly natural posing...people acting fact..most people i speak to on msn have a photo taken by me as a display pic.


sorry for the totally random rant...

and my apologies if its bored you out of your i said...not in the best of moods...



Chris said...

Hey Sim!

Yeah that rugby stuff happens. Ah well.

Don't worry about your results, they'll come when they come, and they do not define you.

Animu! ^^ Kawaiii ^_^'

Heh, yeah. But hey, you met Urpani so... God works in mysterious ways! Or something.

Yay for getting close <2 :/

I'm glad God's so central in your life. God is more or less mute in my life. Maybe it's because I talk too much >.>

Also, yes! Your photos are awesome! Huge thanks for the IRL Screencap!

Chin up, eh, your life is looking up :)

Matt said...

Hey, we'll get through..... eventually... hehe. Glad to hear you're going deeper dude. If there's one thing i've learnt recently, it's that nothing else matters. Nothing at all ;D

Allan said...

It's spelt uncensored.
Also, you can practice as much as you want but you can never compete with the 'Daddy No'

John (Luke) said...

Hey Sim, see Im not only reading your blog I even wrote something, so dont complain next time you see me! :P LOL! Just wanted to comment on the part where waiting for worship meeting on Fri helps you get through the week. Cause I feel the same way too, only prob is I GOT SICK & NOW IM NOT EVEN GOING!! BRILL Now I have to wait ANOTHER WEEK. :(:(

But On a more serious note, you mentioned something also which nor you or I even know how valuble & wise that phrase really is:

"I just need to open my heart more to be able to listen to what he wants from me again. I know by now that when i go the other way...well...not pretty"

I am currently experiencing the exact same thing. Im finding it hard to stick to God's instructions & I know how much i can hurt myself if I go the other way. So "Kuragg Sim" you're not alone.