Sunday, April 22, 2007


Hey ppl,
How you all be? good? I'm good too, thanks for asking.

Yeah, I've been inside all day alone, with nothing to do as everyone else is busy..I am lacking human contact...

After an interesting night yesterday which i enjoyed, i felt like spending the day out again...
instead it was me and myself all day...

It was productive, coloured a picture on photoshop, drew an other two in styles i had never tried before and continued writing "Wheels"

In further news: the first bunny t shirt was produced...

Oh I'm still not sure what I'm gonna do with my life...but hell that's old news
and thats about it..
start work tomorrow..woopdi doo gah



Anonymous said...

yes im fine thanks. tnx 4 askin. no need to ask u ...already hav d answer ;)

continu sketchin dudu


Anonymous said...

ah ben! t-shirt! :D i love it! ah! my t-shirt! :D :D he he...AMAZING!! :D lol
thanks simon 4 ur patience with me 4 d t-shirt! mwa!
gbu and love!
^KaI^ xxx

Chris said...

Yarr, that do me a mighty fine shirt.

Matt said...

Rice? lol :D