Monday, April 16, 2007

Molested by Phone :P

I got yelled at on the phone...
I swear someone called and yelled at me to update saying it was annoying checking for them and finding the same blog entry....:P
well here it is...

erm...not much happening at the moment, which gives me loads of time to think, considering my current state of being, this is not really a gd thing.
I keep thinking about my future...mainly, if i should go back to Architecture next year, I mean I think i didnt do well this year cause i was not really interested in the subject. BUt what alternatives do I have? I'de love something in design or animation, but then there is one problem, what job am i going to be able to do with those. This is important, as even with a job in animation in Malta, I will not be getting enough income to keep a family, which is something i plan to do eventually...
Ah well trusting in the Lord...

so for the time being, I'm looking for a job to keep me going through the summer and all next year (not to mention Outreach) and doing little jobs with my art...
this is fun
mainly people are asking for t shirts with bunny (pic shown on the right hand side column) which is my mostly used character...also banners and charts for community events, and of course the sketches for 4given...Steph (Migs mum) also told me about the National Art competition I might try....You never know...
So keeping the art moving..

Also spending a lot of time on the filming and editing of 4given...getting used to using the mac...finally :) and meeting some very fun and interesting ppl during the filming process... :) Met the Archbishop a photo with him :) lol, ill post it when I get it.

Hmm....I guess thats about it really....

Oh...a big thank you goes out to Lara for having us on Saturday, exactly what was needed thanks

A bigger thank you for last nights chat :) you know who you are

well, thats about it

tonight i might go down to Paola for the Mime rehersal...nothing better to do anyway lol
plus im gonna have to film this...might as well know it...(like i dnt already :P )



Anonymous said...

LOL LOL and LOLLL is all i can sayy!!! ;)

Hav a gud day dude!
God bless,


...and yes im still laughing!!!;)

Matt said...

Ah yes... the future... growing up..... maturity.... important life-altering decisions to be made.... responsibility to be shouldered.... ooh shiny!!

We'll get there.... eventually.

Chris said...

Hmm, have you ever considered running a webcomic/animation website? If you invest enough effort and time into it, you can make a living off of it. It's been done (Questionable Content, SMBC, etc). You do have the talent, and if it's something you enjoy doing you should look into it.

Best of all, a website is international, so it doesn't really matter where you're based.

Anonymous said...

Sim today is tuesday!! (not monday now!lool) hint

Gud day!!
Dezz ;)