Monday, September 03, 2007


Hello People

Well, yesterday was great!!
went to the cafe at the bottom of baystreet, no idea what its called, and had a quick snack there, and then me dezz, sarah and elaine (if i spelt it right) went dancing... lol that was fun, and funny, the drunk english guy made us laugh (photos on sarah's blog)

well pretty busy day today.

At work: gotta do a picture I promised for Kai,
gotta find and think of and learn a monologue for tonight
and of course gotta answer and make the calls that get me my pay.

Oh, btw, my blog is now one year old :) the second of my group of friends to have reached this milestone. Happy Birthday to me.

and for those of you who care:
I am going back to Architecture this year, I know It's hard work and I might screw it up again, but I'm going to try and put my mind to it and work hard.
Sorry to disapoint those who wanted me to go into something more Art related, but don't give up hope, I might change my mind yet again.

well lots to I'll be off


1 comment:

^KaI^ said...

hey sim
thanks 4 d pic :)
and im happy u finally decided on architecture and if u study and put ur mind to it ull make doubt in my head bout that one:)
gbu sim