Monday, September 17, 2007


hellu all ye' people...
I'm here at the office working on the outreach dvd...wasting my off days for you! so i hope you bloody well buy it now.
well...this weekend was all about dezz...with a surprise party organized at lou's house for her on Sat, and another surprise organized by the girls for her yesterday, taking her by limo to a night of dancing. Hope she enjoyed it, she deservs it...we all agree im sure.
well tonight the treasure hunt, went to print the tshirts this morning, have to go pick them up...
please note, im the one who gets these of the only people WITHOUT A CAR!
ajma Dezz....

Ham and Cheese gonna kick @$$ !




Anonymous said...

WE R SO GNA KICK A$$!!! Thnakx simon 4 d printing of d t-shirts .. ur a gr8 leader! ;)

Gbu & tc


Anonymous said...

heyy sim! heheh yep i must admit...all bout dezz!
Once again im gna say thanks a realll loot 4d whole weekend! it was a dream!

May God bless u abundantly!
=)=)Dezz =)=)

Paws said...

Very sorry to dis. you but "Zebra crossing "is gonna kick ass :P ...the truth hurts sim lol
gb tc cu soon