Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Hey there people,
It's been a while. sorry.
well. Last weekend had a great relaxing weekend in a farm house in Gozo with my beautiful girlfriend, her family, and friends. Got to know Clifton and Alexandra from comunity more, very nice people.
I have never eaten so much.
And Gozitan Police suck B@115.
Came back late Sunday. No energy to come out.
Yesterday, Monday, Driving Theory test in the morning, took me 10 minutes, and walked out with a pass.
Then had a talking session with a friend in need.
Met Angie for like an hour,( get well soon sweet ) and then had a driving lesson, can't say it went very well, my mind wasn't there.
Afterwards had a small meeting with Jonathan concerning 4given...not sure what's going to happen there.
And had a talk with Angelique concerning my future. Don't worry, I'm not going to bore you with all that again, if you want to read it, its like two blogs back. anyway, it's enough to tell you, I'm really down today. Don't feel like doing anything except staying home, drawing, stetching and so on...
Really not looking forward to Architecture...issa we see.
well, today im at work, just today and thursday to go, and tonight its off to louisa's house to chill and watch Dvds, should be fun. hope i'll be in the mood...

well...that's it


Anonymous said...

hope u get happy soon :) cos u seem realy upset
if u need me..u no were ill be
remember..somebody love u =)

Anonymous said...

aw dudu,
glad u had a gr8 wkend,
sry 2hear bout d architecture ting...dnt wry ur still 19...still in time 2tink bout ur future...ur not 60 yet! ;)
Gbu n tc
Dezz =)

Anonymous said...

Hey simon!

Dnt give up! ;) God has a plan 4 u! im sure u'll make d right decision.. remember wen in need u always hv us ;)! tc gbu


(didnt feel like signing in 2 tired)

Anonymous said...

friend in need = karla