Wednesday, September 19, 2007

He is back

Well, that...was
very nice of you....all of you...
thanks for your kind words...except mark...but still
Sarah is right, the two of us started this little community of blog thingy I will not abadon the lot of you.
And I know sarah's blog is more colourfull, and interesting and has photos, and you all know I love taking photos and would post if i had, so stop bloody rubbing it in please...i lost my camera...and sarah, love your blog too :) keep it up
so everything is back to normal
thanks to Mark for yesterday...t'was needed.
well...i've got quite a lot on my mind at te moment...keep me in yor prayers pls

thanks again for everything

ping pong


Anonymous said...

wb! :P
yeah...will do
Dezz =)

maaa all o u pray 4me pls cos hav shitloads of craploads of work!!! am not complainin...(only slightly...heh)

Toodles! ;)

lessismore said...

Glad u cud make it. and des, uve got so much work to do, but ive tink uve posted over 5 comments today lol :P mur ahdemmmmmmmmmmm hehe jk;)

Charlene said...

ye babe hes bk!! welcome bk sim ;)

Anonymous said...

loooll dats cos ur not prayin 4 me so i cant work so i get distracted. heheh...dats cos i hav a lot of wrk 2b done on d internet (research)...apart from other wrk.

if ud pray 4me id appreciate! :P
keep bloggin d whole lot of u...u make my research more interestin! ;)
Dezz =)

^KaI^ said...

WELCOME BK!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Allan said...

Do you listen to the music? Do you listen to the beat?

Rock rock rock your body and sliiiiide.

Erotica nonsense on the brink of sanity makes me milkshake!!!