Friday, September 07, 2007


Hey people long time no write i know, sry, been rather busy.
nothing much going on at the moment, looking forward to this weekend, going up to Gozo with Angie and her Family :) woots, and then on the 17th treasure hunt with drama team...I gots me a fun team: Me Mike Sarah G and Vanessa V.
We think we came up with our team name, not fully sure yet, so won't disclose any more information.
Erm...nothing much else is happening right now...

just want to say...

having great freinds is one of the things i am most greatful, I thank all of you who take care of me, are patient of me, and love me, even though i can sometimes be a very very difficult person to deal with. Love you all and hope that I am able to return the kindness and love you all show me.
God Bless You all.



lessismore said...

We are all very difficult ppl sometimes, so no worries. Enjoy the weekend dude, u deserve it :)

^KaI^ said...

hey sim
ur welcome :P
hehe and thanks 4 being a gr8 friend!!!
enoy this weekend
bg!! gbu!!