Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year....New Bunny???


Well, it's the end of the year,
I time to look back and reflect...

It was a gd ear on the whole, I mean I can't complain i suppose, I'm still alive, and relatevely healthy.
In this year:

God is obviously still here with me. Don't plan to ever let HIm go :)
He's helped me in a lot of decissions and problems I had to face this year, and I know He will help me in 2008...

I failed 1st year at university, started it again and dropped out to follow my a change of direction, but i suppose its a gd thing, cause i finally got the guts to go after it. my spelling still sucks

Developed my art especially in portraying real things, took a step aside from cartoons for a while, as it's all important i suppose. Bunny might get a new face. lOOk below. But the cartoons are still there and still my passion. You'll see my name in some credits one day.

Well started going out with Angie :) But also got closer to some really great people, Joni, Sarah, Joe Maggi, Angelique, Pedro, Ian you are really great people. Of course made friendships grow stronger too...Matt, Drew and Dezz, will always love you both.


I'm still in filming team of course, and this year produced the Gibralter Outreach DVD alone, took a while to edit, and it still isnt in the buyers hands (sry guys been rather busy) but its all done. Also helped in the backdrop of The youth weekend and entered Website team, and ofcourse the backdrop of the Mdina Healing service, and the number of Cards ive done are uncountable...I r teh cartoonit.

Got my Driving Licence. Still no Car. Lost another camera, and got another one for Christmas...(munber 3, how long will it last?) Grew taller :) still growing, one year to go-ish.

First job Not in Catering this year, I guess that was a step forward. Answered phones all summer...quite fun.

Dislocated my shoulder doing a backdive off Louisa's boat :)

I think thats it, covered everything really.
From here I wish you all a Vry Happy New Year to you and all your families, May God trully bless you in the coming year.



I'm sick, head hurting, congested, throat pains, dizzy, and i havent checked for fever yet...hope ill be fine for tonight...


while taking a short break from studying history of Art, i was thinking...bunny, the one you all know and love, pic below, is fun and all, but if i ever decide to animate a short with him, i cant bring out much expression without a face...
so i came up with this alternative...
I mean...ok it's not BUnny, but I kinda got used to him alreeady...
I just want your opinion on the matter...
u like the new one...u prefare the old one....anything...

thanks guys



Anonymous said...

the begging bunny and the angry one are a bit weird but otherwise he is still cute :) i like him hehe go bunny :P!! xD

Matt said...

Hehe, he looks very 'you' sim. Just go with whatever you like best ;P

Sarah said...

i like the face but i think if he had a pink scarf on he would look better :D

Simon said...

....y pink? but a scarf is not a bad idea to be honest

Sarah said...

Aww hes adorable sim hehe well done must say ... !