Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Uni Drop Out

inspired by sarahs sudden blog update, i decided to follow suite.

well...loads has happened since my last update....but the most important event can be summerized in one sentence:
I am dropping out of Uni, and going into MCAST Art and Design next year.

This means ofcourse that I am doing my Art A level this year (in 5 months instead of 2yrs) with a lot of help from Dezz...(a big thankyou to her)
This is involving a lot of drawing work as i need to catch up (not complaining much) but it also includes studying History of Art in a vry vry short time :S

besides all this I need to find a job.

Also to add to the pressure, I need to get the past youth weekend DVD edited and burn all the others of outreach to give them out to the paying customers (thanks to all of you as well)

ON TOP OF THAT work from website team is increasing.....


I am thankful for this, and it's really showing, as although I am stuggling to keep above the incredable wave of work, I am in fact managing...and its showing even more because my art a level drawings are being produced, if not at the rate they're supposed to be, at least the standard is there :)


God Gives and Takes away.....

God bless you all

bubbles bubbles bubbles bubbles bubbles


mike said...

Good luck bubbles :P i'm behind u all d way ;) ( how gay the whole comment sounds )

Dezz said...

Praise God!...thats all im sayin!

sgiusti said...

Im so happy for you simon! :D im here wenever u need a helping hand;) (athiugh i dnt knw jack.. i cud do my best to try ;P)!

Oh yeah mike loool .. u crack me up! lofl!

Tata Sarah

Matt said...

Da da da da
da da
da da
*can't touch this*

Great to hear you're having a good time sim, i hope your mind is at rest now! (i sound like a zen master...).

Now, on to more IMPORTANT things than your life, when is the next avatar coming out?? seriously??!
I think i'll update too, about time...


sgiusti said...

MAN YOU 2 WATCH 2 MUCH AVATAR!!! loool I'VE GOT MY Bro WATCHING IT!!! now u 2??? Y??? LOL