Sunday, December 30, 2007

I am Lemon

Was pissed off this morning...longish story
but lets just say im not scared of going abroad, and cant wait to do it...

gonna miss everyone, but its gonna be great

cant wait for this to come out too...
new pixar film
next summer:


DEZ said...

same here!! i cant wait!!!

wall E!!!OMG d expressive features!!! waaaaa hw cute!!!


Sarah said...

OMG sim hes so adorable ... cnt wait till it comes out .. glad u doin what u finally want ;) may god bless u imensly keep smiling ... i will too dw ;)

Gbu dude!


Dez said...

uff sim can u stop copying me plss!!!!

lol im d one wit d GOING-ABROAD-CRAZE not you! lol just cos u hav a blog! pxxxt! not fair! ;):P

insomma hope ur doin ur art home work and sticking to my schedule cos time is ticking!!!

GBU dudu.
(yes im proud of ur art work...but its not d point, gotta do d essays! hehe ajma dezz...)

Matt said...

I love him so!!