Saturday, December 15, 2007

same old....

I'm having a bunny day.
I've just realised, I'm bored...and I don't mean bored right now, cause i have nothing to do, I mean I'm drowning in work. I 'm bored with what's going on in my life...nothing interesting, nothing new, nothing to look forward to, same old, I mean, the highlight of this week was that the new episode of Avatar came out...come on!
I don't know why.
I'm sorry for the negative post.
Off to work some more.



Dez said...

sim look at what the old boring work ur currently doin will get u incredibly exciting thing in ur life....ANIMATIIIOOONNN!!!

i mean come on...its something u talk endlessly about!

Anonymous said...

sim...its boring 4 now but dw its will be fun i mean...its as if ur doing ur a's again ay..i dont think that was too exciting and i mean i no wat u mean...o-level person here...she spends endless time on boring crap...dont worry sim in 5 mnths it will be over and fun will start again :D
love KaI