Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Story Part 3:

Hey guys,

here's the third part of the story...
not a very long part..but a part none the less...
im somehow writing more for girls than anyone else, as they seem to be the only ones to be reading it.
here it is

Part 3:

The sun shined off her wet skin as she climbed the ladder onto the boat. She was shivering. Her hair hung down straight and wet. The light breeze which had started around mid-morning made her skin come up in goose flesh. Her eyes shone. She had amazing big brown eyes that turned a slight shade of green when she was around the sea. He had never figured out why, but he loved it.
She rinsed herself off and walked up to him still shivering. He opened a towel and greeted her wrapping her into it, while wrapping his arms around her. He rubbed her arms trying to warm her up a bit.
“Oh come on, it’s not that cold”
“The water is fine, but the air is a bit fresh”
“But now?”
“Oh, how can I be cold in my baby’s arms?” she replied with the sweetest of smiles.
He looked down at her cuddling up into his chest wrapped in the towel finally getting warm again, and just could resist.
“You really mean that?”
“Yes, of course.”
“Ok then.” Still holding her he lifted her up and started walking to the back of the boat, which was only a foot above the water.
“Hun, No!”
“As long as your in my arms, my sweet,” and he jumped into the water still holding her.
They re-surfaced with a lot of splashing.
“You are just evil” she managed to say in between coughs and shivers.
“Here let me hug you,” he said smiling, “you’ll feel warm again.” He started moving towards her to hug her close to him but she leapt onto him pushing him under the water by his shoulders. He looked up at her from underneath her and smiling calmly held onto her ankle.
She started trashing and kicking wildly trying to free her leg. She knew he could pull her under easily but she wasn’t going to give up with out a fight. Then unexpectedly, he let go, and swam up to the surface slowly.
“There, we’re fair now, yes?”
“No, we’re not!” she replies haughtily.
“What? Why not? I pushed you in and u ducked me, but since a ducking isn’t as bad as pushing you in, I gave up the possibility of pulling you down under with me, so now we’re even.”
“No,” she said again in a stubborn babyish voice.
“Because you’re cheeky,” she said still in the same voice, she had swum over to the ladder and was ‘sitting’ on the bottom step holding on with her arms.
“Ah,” he smiled and began swimming slowly towards her, “and how can we fix that I wonder?”
“I don’t know,” she put her face into what can only be described as the ‘puppy dog expression’, she looked gorgeous.
“Will a kiss help?” he had reached the ladder now and was only inches away from her.
She smiled. He moved closer slowly, he could feel the warmth coming off her body; he placed one hand on the ladder to steady himself and the other on her cheek. He gently pulled her face closer and softly started to kiss her. She wrapped one arm around him pulling him closer to her and wrapped her legs around his waist so she didn’t need to hold on to the ladder any more. She placed the other hand onto the back of his head and slid her fingers through his hair. She got a grip on his hair without hurting him and gently pulled his head back. She smiled at him, and quietly, as if confiding a deep secret, said, “You’re still cheeky.”
“Yeah, I know, but it’s why you love me,” he answered smirking back.
She kissed him.

---to be continued---




Charlene said...

ohhh Sim!!! How sweet...and very well written hehe the descriptions put you rigth in the's like I'm watching a movie hehe once again well doen Sim and thank u for writing yet another part to the story ;) tc Gb dude

Rachie said...

how awesome! I actually laughed aloud once or twice XD

thanks for the writing, can't wait for the next :)
Gb tc xx

Elena said...

erotic fiction simon? hahaha good stuff