Monday, May 26, 2008

red hot skin

Hey people,
I know I only bloged yesterday..but...I had to say...
well..first things first.
the first swim of the year went well...the sea is amazing, definitly not too cold, and this was as 8am.
anyway, after we finished filming the first program (there was a nun present we had to keep decent) me and jonathan got bugged and took off our t shirts...not a gd idea.

as you can see my back skin colour is a nice shade of red :S
It stings, burns, and feels very very tight.
and should i be worried? i think i found a blister on my back.

In the evening me and the other red skined filming person our respective better halfs and the G met at the filming office after mass and while we were loading tapes onto the computer, played a gd game of starwars monopoly....yes u heard me.
Jonathan won. I was the first to go bankrupt.

anyway....t's'about it
gbu all



Sarah said...

Would u believe it ... i went bankrupt by 3 punds ... 3 FREAKIN Pounds and cos jonathan didnt let sarah lend it to me .. wen he himself said hesd give it to me wen he had .. loool uwijja it was a good game first time i ever finished it !! hehe was a nice sunday evening :D we should do it again sometime xD somma im off!!!

Gbu tc


Charlene said...

ahhh sim that looks like it hurts...ahh even just looking at it hehe i can't wait to go swimming!! summer is here finallllllllly hehe tc dude Gbu