Saturday, May 24, 2008


Hey Readers

(the capitol 'R' shows i respect you)

Had an afternoon of filming today, went well, although that sun is increabably hot. it went well and the program is well on its way...still loads of editing to do...
Had a meeting with the band yesterday and that went fantastically well too.
Tomorrow starting filming at 9am :S and God knows when we'll finish. Joni thinks something round 1pm, i think he's being optimistic, hopefully I'll at least start getting a bit of a tan from working in the sun though.
and tomorrow first swim for this year. The water looked so inviting this afternoon that Joni and I decided to go early (8am) to go for a swim. Please note, the only time i swam with Jonathan, i dislocated a shoulder. :D
Praying for all you people going through/ soon starting your exams.

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Anonymous said...

getting abit of a tan is an understatement u became a lobster hun
ANg xxxxxx