Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Story: Part 1

Hey people...
you all know I dont like not posting for a long time...
but most of you also know that not much is happening lately.

I'm gonna write a story, since the last one was recieved so well

and hopefully i'll continue it and post piece by piece..
i have no idea where the story is gonna go...


He woke up.
It was a summer morning like any other. He waited for the alarm to go off. It was just a formality; he always woke up at the same time. He hit the off button and put on his glasses as he got out of bed.
The room was still dark this early in the morning, but he navigated around it with the confidence of someone who grew up in this room. He pulled on his bathing-suit, grabbed a towel and lifted himself out of his bedroom windowsill. Throwing the towel around his neck, the grabbed the sill and lowered himself to full length, and let himself drop the one story.
His bare feet landed on the cold sand. Walking forward slowly his skin rising in bumps as the moist air hit him. The morning sky always amazed him, no matter how often he saw it, and today was a perfect one. There was not a cloud in the sky, and the sun, hiding just below the horizon turned the sky into a magnificent sheet of colours, ranging from red, touching the sea, to a deep purple behind him. He dropped his towel and glasses, and just as the sun began to peep over the horizon, he ran the width of the beach into the cold water. He soon was deep enough to dive forward and begin his daily morning swim. His progress left small v-shaped waves in the perfectly calm water present in the bay.
The sun gleamed off his wet well toned arms as he drifted through the water heading towards a point of land at the end of the bay. The sand beneath him gradually gave way to rock and seaweed. He passed by a couple of yachts making small waves slap silently against their hull.
He liked to swim at this time of day. The place was quiet, unusual for the summer months, where tourists and locals from all over the island swarmed the little stretch of beach. All that could be heard as he pushed his way through the water was the sound of his swim and far of behind and to the right the sounds of birds awakening with the rising of the sun.
He reached the rocky point of land and with just a pause for breath turned round and headed on back to the beach. On his way back the sound of a small motor ruined the silence for a few minutes. He sighed mentally. People who come to the bay with their boats should sleep in late, it was an unwritten rule.
He eventually got back to the shallow end and put his feet down. He stood there catching his breath relaxing in the water looking at bay. The many boats and yachts were just silhouettes against a pale yellow sky. He closed his eyes and tilted his head back letting it float, with the sun warming his face.
There then was a polite cough.
He stood up startled turning towards the beach. There was a dingy there, that wasn’t there when he had started his swim this morning. Standing by the dingy was a female figure in a loose white dress. Her hair was let wavy and hung beautifully over her shoulders. She had one hand on her hip and the other down by her side. She stood with her feet slightly apart. The general pose portraying the message “whenever you’re ready”.
He smiles and begins walking out of the water letting the water drip off him slowly.
Of course, she was on her parents’ boat since Friday, and she did mention they might spend Saturday night here.
He walked out of the water, his skin gleaming, and walked up to the figure and stopped a meter away from her.
“I think you’re holding my towel and glasses”
“Am I?” she says looking down at the object in her loose hand, “oh would you look at that.”
“Could I have them back?”
He smiled. “Because if I hug you without drying myself off first, that dress is going to turn completely transparent”
She smiled and threw the towel at him. “Come on, you’re invited for breakfast.”

--to be contined--



karla said...

ma sim! ur talent ^^ i love it hehe xD cant wait for d next piece :)

Rachie said...

:O that was awesome! And really entertaining, go literature :D
*intends on regularly asking when the next installment will arrive* :P

Charlene said...

finally sim ive been waiting for another story for days!! hehe loving it already..can't wait for the continuation hehe keep it up dude! tc Gbu =)

Paula Aka *paws* said...

H3y sim,omg lol it's amazing really have a talent seriously..i'll read the rest tomorrow for sure and maybe oneday you'll write a whole book with your own drawningS so that can show ppl your 2 brill talents hehe xD
gb *hug*