Monday, May 12, 2008

Birthday meal

Hey guys,
It's That day of the week again, Monday, weekend over back to the normal routine, which for me is sitting at home looking for a job atm....but anyway..
Well yesterday went to watch Iron Man...loved it...seriously one of the best Hero films I've seen...personally the final lbattle left something to be disired but other than that. Me and Matt being real geeks, ended up thinking about what we'de put in our mechanical siut, and colour schemes...yeah we are real geeks.
Afterwards, there was a surprise meal for Matt's and Dougs birthday...Sorry doug, didnt mean to lie to you :(
it went well,

from here...a shout out to Ang, that dress is gorgeous :)...

so thanks to lou and sarah and Matt Azz, for organizing...happy birthday to the two birthdayees....

feeling slightly unwell today my head and stomach arent right...ope ot all passes soon.
Well GBU
Keep praying



M said...

Somehow I knew you'd like this:

Anonymous said...

hey sim just tot id spare 2 secs 2 pop onto ur blog. (u should feel very honoured)
just posting to selfishly ask 4 prayers! ;) pls in ur days of happy nothingness pls say a little prayer 4me 4 this abundance of assignmentating to be finished in d deadlines ive set.

Thank you!!!
Dez =)