Monday, February 23, 2009


Here we re...
back from the weekend...and here;'s the video i presented as my talent for the talent show..
ill tell you all what i told them there...
m acting or remembering lines is not my no commetning on that pls...
its the editing i want to present here...and yes i know even that has a few problems...but its my first try using the green screen and im proud of it damn it! :)

also...a big thank you to sarah, matt and pete whohelped me out minorly :P
and to the Bugeja family for their living room.
mwa qalbi

gbu all xmun


Martine said...

its really really cool Sim!
Keep it up! Very original.. and well dont to matt for the script too!

Matt said...

*beams with pride for tine giving him due credit* :P

Yes yes well done sim :)

Rachie said...

*subscribes on youtube*
haha me likes (: