Saturday, February 07, 2009

the start of a traditiong

as promised, I am writing the second blog.

We have started a tradition:

Every the first seven days of Febuary, the first swim of the year will take place.
Today, the seventh of Febuary 2009, it began.
The first: Matt Urpani, Martine and myself.

Nicky Urpani was there too...but all he did was taunt us, call us crazy and of course take the photos...but a shout out to him anyway.

the best part though...after struggling against the wind to get to where we going to jump from, and jumping without thinking...were the few seconds in the air, where one has a lot of time to think:

"This was not a good is comes...this is goign to be it comes...I'm going to it turning back it-"

congrats to all of us though...we didnt scream...
Matt and I actually got up and went for a second jump :)

After a while it was actually ok...we got comfortable...
either because we got used to the cold...
or cause our nervous system shut
comfortable enough for a photo in that winter sea

...until next year...
when hopefully we'll be a bigger group of people facing the cold, the wind, and more difficult the psychological blocks against swimming in frikkin Febuary.
Matt is hoping for at least 10 people...I say we can find more.

Gbu all


Martine said...

man tha was awesome!
i feel alive! XD
Come on, more people next year! ejja, let's get this tradition going good! XD

Charlene said...

wen i tink u can't get anymore crazier sim...there you go and prove me wrong :P crazy..the three of u..just crazy :P

Simon said...

why thank you miss Charlene, in the name of the three of us, I'll take that as a compliment...
you can join us next year :P