Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Post Production Panic

Hey people,
So...exams are over...as I assume you all know
started second semester...and I love my time table:

Monday: 11-12
Tuesday: 8-9, 11-13
Wednesday: 8-11
Thursday: 8-12
Friday: free


got that?
I'll say it again:

Friday: free

and pls note I never finish later that 13:00

anyway, besides this relaxed timetable, there is nothing relaxed in my everyday.\

Besides the various commissions for designs from various people I'm working on at the moment, the filming team have entered 'Post Production Panic'

Basically, we have begun working on 4given...it's our 6th season (i think) and i'm really excited...
haven't started the actual filming yet, although that starts soon...but began working on the stuff needed to be done before to make life easier later...

mostly its manual preparation of a whole bunch-a wires and stuffs,but there is also some exciting things going on at the office...
including making a new logo, new theme sequence, and getting used to the new equipment we have recently purchased (cringes at the memory of the price tag)

yesterday was particularly entertainingly, excitingly, interesting...we made our first test on a certain green something :)
fun-ness all round...

...and yet...

I need something new...
i just need to add that something to my week that breaks the repetitive rhythm of everyday...top of the list is an instrument...and sadly, I've almost given up on the drum thing, as a) they are too expensive, and b) even if i did buy them, I'd have nowhere to put them. but things might work out for a bass, which would be my second choice...
although, my brain reminds me constantly, with all the other things you need to buy, like a car and a computer (...as mine is getting old, or going mad, or both, either way I can't work on all the stuff I need to on it without risking going insane, after loosing all my work) that the bass+amp will have to take a place towards the end of the queue.

besides the mentioned boredom though, everything is going dandy, the 4given stress is fun to me...stressful and to be avoided, but while its here, it's fun.

surprisingly a long post..
lol sat down at a computer at Chapelancy to pass a bit of time this morning, as my first lecture of the day got canceled...
off to read some more 'Dark Tower'
GBU all


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