Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I sit. I stare. I think.

The cursor flashes in its eternal perfect rythym on the blank white area where thoughts are meant to be be revealed, expressed, thrown out to the world.

I stare.

I look down.

I raise my hands over the keyboard: a rectangle of letters numbers and symbols, all mean something or have a function to there existance in their specific location in their apperent random placing.

I pause.

My finger moves over the 'I'.

I rest my hands back onto my lap.

I look up at the screen.

Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink.

My fingers dance over the keyboard.

'Hey Guys'

I pause.



I think. I stare. I leave.


Martine said...

i love the nothingness in this blog post. its says nothing and says everything all at once.

Dan said...

hmmm....very philosophical and intelligent....did u hit ur head?? :P .....hihi

ness said...

love xxx

Rachie said...

That's about half the life of a blogger.

Simon said...

true true

Lara said...

love the randomness sim, nd the fact that u saying absolutely nothing substantial caused so many ppl to comment hehe :)