Thursday, May 06, 2010

Altruistically, I will not study

I actually managed to sit down and do some work yesterday. It’s funny, It’s like climbing a mountain. The climb is the struggle to get myself to sit down at a desk, pull out my books and start working, but once you get to the top, there is a pleasant view, clean air and a pleasant feeling all round.

Because, yes indeed! Once I actually got working at a good pace, I felt good, I felt free, even though I was inside behind a desk, with the sun shining outside. It was a good feeling seeing work being done.

Like previous years, I managed to work because thee where other people working in the room. The train of thought I think my head follows is:

well, I have friends here so I can enjoy myself. But they’re working…. So I guess I better work too, must not disturb them.

Of course, there is a problem, as while I do enjoy the company of people and love socializing, I spent quite a lot of time a lot on the interweb so, after a while in my study mode, or working mode, the temptation of youtube and facebook return. And no I can not switch off the wifi, cause I need it for preparation of presentations and so on. Plus, it only takes a click to switch it back on again.

So I’ve found a solution to this. Open the web pages you need and load them, without closing the browser, go into one of your lectures which is held in a room without wifi, and there you can work privately and content, knowing that there are others around you working, the fact that they are doing something completely different which you should be doing too is not important, you are not tempted by the internets, and you have loaded all, or most of the information you need.

So in a lecture one will manage to work.


Work, or write a blog and later doodle.

And I was one day going to try and find a way to stop myself doing both these things during lectures, but then I thought to myself, “depriving the world of both those things would be unfair and selfish”.

So here I am, 11am on Thursday, sitting in a lecture of Christian Anthropology, writing this for you.


MINA said...

:) why thanks!!
i feel much the same about working

rosieeee :P said...

i love the bit where you say "Work, or write a blog and later doodle" because thats precisely what you do.. though minus the work bit =P

Anonymous said...

i love the bit where you said "Work, or write a blog and later doodle" because it's typical you though most probably minus the work bit haha =]]

p.s its mee rosiee =P

Anonymous said...

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