Monday, May 03, 2010

Sex or Space

As exams approach, “three weeks!” Charlene would say in that special voice of hers, it becomes more apparent that the human body, and more importantly the human brain was not meant for studying.

Well, some older people might be ok with spending their time inside with a book, but those of the younger generation, say between 16 and 25 years of age, are restless.

This is a screw up in the scholastic system. Why? Well, because exams, at least final exams come at ‘That time of year’. Spring comes around, with all the new life and rise in hormones, every guy and girl in the mentioned age bracket is thinking of nothing other than cuddling, kissing, and well… keeping the species alive, and we all have to get ourselves inside, out of the beautiful sun and gorgeous weather, to first decipher the gibberish the lecturer would have said, and we’d have scribbled down that year. And then learn it, and then study it to remember it for the exam.

It says a lot when you’re walking into the last few lectures of the year and, if you’re of a sensitive nature, have to keep turning your eyes away from the sight of mating cats all over campus.

I mean the whole studying working system is wrong in this respect. Biologically we’re all ready for the mating and family having at about 16. At this age we want to go out fight the older men for a chance at the females. But now, we’re stuck in school or at home studying for our O levels. (good luck to all those who are going through them at the moment). By the time we finished school, and all the studies and have a job and settle down, which according to today’s society we have to do before we get married, we’re hitting the middle age crisis.

Centuries ago people where getting married at 14. It was right. By 14 they would have learnt a trade from their fathers or gone off and become an apprentice to someone else. None of this learning useless stuff.

Fair enough, through this system we actually have a choice of what we’re going to do with our lives, and we’re not confined to following in the footsteps of someone.

So, the choice is: the possibility of becoming the first Maltese person to go into space, or, sex at the age of 16. Tough one.


Matt said...

I smell SF

Sarah said...

hahaha ;) :P

karla said...

i agree with matt xD
but the thing is that the system is like that for a reason...less mating at this time = less over population (Y) hence is why they make us focus on studying at this time of the year :P oui?

Anonymous said...

centuries ago the average death age was at 40 / 50 years of age

Anonymous said...

someone needs to get laid

MINA said...

interesting point of view :P

Anonymous said...
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