Saturday, May 15, 2010

Poetic Venting

I don’t need the money,

Or fancy new cars,

Account in the millions,

Or house of the stars.

I don’t need the clothes,

Hats or the shoes,

I don’t need to travel,

Eat out, or tattoos.

I don’t need new gadgets,

Or studio headphones,

The fastest laptop,

The coolest phone.

New big shiny cameras,

With interchangeable lens,

Brand new instruments,

Talking pens.

I don’t need sunglasses,

Or a Giant T.V,

A massive bedroom all for me.

I don’t need a thing

To know who I am

You can think I’m wrong

I don’t give a damn.

I’m fraking amazing

At whatever I try,

Time and talents God gave me,

I don’t let slip by.

I’m creative and clever,

And this is no boast,

This is me just saying,

I’m no useless ghost.



karla said...


Kirsten said...

Bass player, director, artist I knew,
but poet in the making I hadn't a clue!
Twas said in your poem
this truth I confirm
that God in his grace
did His talents confer
to all people on earth
to put to good use,
to treasure and work on
but above all to choose
to use them in wisdom
His works to complete
that all men and women
might our Saviour meet.

:) Hope u don't mind me adding on:)

Simon said...

that was brilliant.
thanks :)

joven said...

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Cettina said...

you're a poet and i did not know it! :) welcome to the poetic world!

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dens said...

Good thoughts! Simple but strong!! God bless... Keep it up!!