Friday, May 14, 2010

Why should I know?

I’m going to be talking about a complaint students have had since studenthood began. I’m in a lecture at the moment who just shared with us that the exam questions are set so that the lecturer will know how much we read. Now, I looked at these articles and documents in question, and Oh My God!

No, no, seriously. I mean, I’m sure law has a lot of studies, and so does medicine, but I mean those are useful and needed, you might come across a case in your future working life where the particular detail you’re reading now might be useful.

I am obviously at this time not talking to Matt, but we’ll have to call him Dr. Matt in a years time, and that alone is worth it.

Anyway, these documents are written by people who sit and think about issues which will not be solved evar! And if you have to write about it to feel fulfilled, for the sake of all that is good, keep it short and to the point. You know, something along the lines of, THIS is bad, because of THESE points, except in THESE cases. That’s all we need to know.

But some issues need to be explained in detail. That’s what you’re thinking right? I know you too well.

Besides the subject of God Himself, I am sure there is no subject in the world that needs more than a billion words to explain properly.

When you need to get onto a stepladder to see the first page of a pile of notes, you know that the writer is going to be beating about the bush for 95% of the time.

But he might be making interesting points.

Fair enough.

Make your interesting point and explore different point of views, because some people might be seriously interested in the subject at hand. As long as you write a short summary of not more than 600 words at the end of each chapter. Because you know what? That’s the length of essay I will be writing during the exam, so that’s all the information I need to know. If I’m interested, I’ll read the rest of the valid points and interesting perspectives, in my own time.

So teachers and lecturers, you might have a passion for your subject, spend all your time thinking about it, and have read every book, paper, essay and review about it, but we don’t. We have other subjects to think of, and most probably your subject is just a few credits for us. So please don’t expect us to know particular details you know. We have not spent the amount of time on the subject that you have, we have other things to think about, work at and do.

And finally, if in the future I will need to know some stupid detail that you want us to read now and learn by heart, I’ll wiki it.


Brooks said...


karla said...

this is why ive liked my a-level teachers...they only give me things i need to know..nothing more and nothing less ^^ first time ever though xD

Anonymous said...

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Celly said...

And who writes the Wikipedia articles and WikiAnswers pages? Other people who probably also know nothing about the topic. As a WA supervisor, just yesterday I saw 18 different incorrect answers, 14 joke answers (e.c., coconuts grow underground, you publish a book by eating ice cream), and at least 10 answers with such pathetic grammar and spelling it was difficult to understand what they meant. So, you can't always rely on that for help.

Nice blog by the way. You make a lot of good points. I agree with most of what you say. I may even be stopping back again soon.