Tuesday, November 14, 2006

hi peoples,
first last sunday we didn't go watcha film...we went walking in Naxxar
had a great time...
anyway....yesterday had the 2nd seminar...was rly photo happy...cant seem to be able to publish pics though :(
and today in our one hour break between boring maths and even more boreing History...we went to Hugo's a new place near Uni...its got rly great food...we ate our wraps in 10 minutes flat...of course it could be due to the fact that our lecture started in 15minutes....lol
anyway...nothing much else to say.


1 comment:

Bernie said...

aha yes we kinda realised yu were photo happy!! no doubt about that!! No matter how hard i try to run away, dejjm insiblek xi ritratt stramb tieghi!! dsh!!!
Anyways BIG HUG!!

Bye bye camera happy person:)