Wednesday, January 02, 2008


sry its a late blog...but i just got home since it turned 2008


Marquita said...

Happy New Year Simon. Keep working on your bunny.

( ... incase it interests you)

Matt said...

Woo ya Hoo ya Boo ya!!


Charlene said...

Happy New Year Sim!! Keep blogging!! Always reading your blog! You've got your own fan here ;) hehe

About be honest...I like hime more with expression...can understand him more that way..just an opinion.

Twas great getting to know you this year Sim!! Hope to have another great year ahead of us!

Happy New Year dude and thanks for everything ;)

God Bless You

karla said...

well i have to disagree..i still prefare bunny without a face cos well it keeps u guessing and imagining ur own little expression to him and u could always to like a question mark to show he is confused..etc...but anyway..i guess expressioned bunny will do xd :P
oh and happy new yr :D