Saturday, January 19, 2008

Re: St. Venera

Hey people,
very nice Healing Service yesterday...
...the usual John, to the sound crew, the band, the people praying and of course to God for His amazing greatness.

A special thanks to the die hard people remaining till 2am in Paola. Pedro...who injured himself, hope you feel better soon, to Jonathan, Sarah, and Mig who were exhausted beyond the point where driving is safe, to Joe who even had to set up for next Sunday's event, even though he was dressed neatly, to Godwin and Annabelle who came even though they where a street away from home. May God trully pay you back a hundred fold.

One last thing: I knew it wasn't a myth:


Peace to all



Anonymous said...

that resembles so much an AIDS awareness advert...but instead its cooties...


Anonymous said...

that made my day

Sarah said...

"What am i gonna do now ??" lol how cute! that boy is! UNICEf! loool

good one sim! ;0

Gb tc!