Sunday, January 13, 2008


Yo people

Well, Today I turn more teen is coming to an end :)
It was an ok day, relaxed, mass at uni at 11.30 and then lunch with the family and then home and then angie came and dvd's and...yeah well relaxedness all round i guess...
Yesterday is what i want to talk about the most though,
Lara's house for Pictionary.... funness....We were in 4 teams of three:
Me Joni and Sarah, Ang Lara and Sarah G, Mig Karl and John, and Mike Van and Kristie...Our team kicked really, we won with the team in second place still half way across the board :) althgh we did have a few snags along the way :

If you cant see it clearly...that is clearly a monkey and if u look at the says Cheetah....please note, it was drawn by our very own English Teacher: Miss Sarah Tabone Ferrante. well, she did do quite a few gd drawings...and i said before...kicked ass!
Laughter all round.
And we learnt Karl doesn't know what a stop sign is,
and we also learnt that no matter what 'Period' is going to be taken as something nasty. more thing is that knowing how to play guitare does not help in 'Guitare Hero' at fact...Mike sucked at it while I ...again...kicked ass.
well...t's about it really....
have something on my mind i'll post about tomorrow or the day after :)
Gbu all

signing off....and starting my 21st year of living smiling and with hope and great goals.

(I just dropped a mug of tea)


towards 9 o clock...things turned a bit bad....well not bad...more like disapointingly boring...i dunno...birthday and nothing to do in the evening...actually going to study a bit...


Marquita said...

Happy Birthday Simon.

Thing is, you're starting you're 20th year not

Matt said...

no it's his 21st mar, you hit 1 when you're alive for a year. Do ze math!

I has a pressie for vou:


Matt said...

we try again....

Ok now it fits :D