Thursday, January 17, 2008

2 items

Hey people...
two things I wanna talk about:

1st: Tiredness

I'm at the filming office and it's 1.13am. I've been here since 17.30. I am finding, cutting, burning to on and so forth, clips for Brian, at the same time, I'm burning and printing the weekend DVD's so I will not be bugged any more, AND at the same time I am studying history of Art.
I am tired. My brain can't cope and of the brain used to...for example typing and speach and hand eye coordination shut down, and the tasks I am still doing, are being performed by other parts of the brain. Parts, not used to performing these can imagine, I am taking ages to type this out, my eyes are hurting, when I try to speak I'm slurring (please note: I'm alone up I am speaking to the computer, the heater the monitor...yes I'm going insane.) But it's interesting...also...out of interest...cause I know you're dying to know...and I'm sure most of you are am i getting home when I'm finally done? Well, obviously...I'm walking it back to Gzira thats how :) lucky old me.

2nd: Wierdness

I was thinking the other day...You know some people, for example me, Matt, and Sarah G. are usually always going on about new comedians, or new videos, or new films, which we found on the internet, and we go on and on quoting and laughing about it among ourselves, obviously trying to include others. But the others, just look at us in a wierd way because they obviously have no idea what we on about...
Now...skip forward in time two or three weeks...the three of us are obviously laughing and talking about something new, we have already spoken about and exhausted all the jokes there is to say about the stuff we found three weeks ago, BUT, the rest of the island finally caught up, and now everyone is talking about and quoting stuff we no longer find funny, and once again...we're the wierd ones, the odd ones out.
Damn it! cool original wierd people like us are actually super normal, we're normal three weeks ahead of everyone else, and I say three wekks to take an average...for example: I read the first three books of Harry Potter in form 1, and i became a (yes ill admit it) bit of a freak about them, the only problem is that it was at least two years before they became famous. So by the time everyone wanted to read these blasted books, I had outgrown them and if i dared say "what's the fuss about, they are a bit childish"...again, I'm a freak... :) lucky old me

well, cya around....Healing service at St. venera tomorrow...



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Hooray for youtube!! woooo!!


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...ajma dez! ;)