Monday, January 07, 2008


Well thank to all of you that commented on that last vry long post, and thanks and congrats to all of you for reading all the way through if you did.

well...after that its time for a relaxed post,

so here's a video i came across, cant wait to get practising :)
Matt, we need to make u a doctor quick.

PS Claire Azzopardi reporting from down-under...check out her blog in my friends list.

Have a gd week


Sarah said...

Now sim, we do not need you to dislocate another shoulder or any part of your body! Lol this reminds me of the time you were flipping around on that trampoline at the luna park in spain .. i couldnt stop screaming at you for scaring me that much! Lol! Take care dont do anything stupid :P gbu!


karla said...

sim...u realise these ppl r trained gymnasts or cheerleaders ay?!?! do u realise that they have probably done it atleast 100 times on matts and stuff like that..u no u cant do this wenever u want no!!!! pls sim dont give me a heart attack be4 i finish my teen years!! i beg of u!!!

Anonymous said...

There is sadly no cure for human stupidity lol though matt's skills would be useful for fractures, dislocations etc...


Matt said...

Hey sim, it's called 'free running', i've mentioned it to you. Surprised it took you this long to find out about it actually.

Give me 4 years or so ;P

Dez said...

oh piss offf sim!!!!

look i believe u can do dat...WE ALL BELIEVE u can do dat lol so dont go trying to prove anyone. u dont need to.

Also: its for people who dont have any other talent except that ok...u have animation, maths, creativity, filming, writing, plus all ur character pls dnt go screwing ur life cos of d talent of jumping and balancing on u have a habit of doing on ur 3-storey railings....God looking at u on those is a livin nightmare....phew....

...anyway my point is...stick to animation ONLY hehe...after all dis Art alevel hassle tghamillix xi wahda minn tieghek! ;)

God bless u dudu!
...ur little teacher

Simon said...

you see, the point is im not trying to prove anything, i just enjoy the exileration (spelt wrongly) of hights speed and jumping :P
Ill be careful...

and wont try anything too serious