Monday, February 25, 2008

Ah! What a Weekend!

Hey people
After Community on Friday went to Mc Donalds to check out the new decor....I mean it's nice but its not Mc Donalds anymore...
Saturday met in Paola to watch a Dvd with the youths, was a nice film, a bit of a chick flick...but i mean...i managed to sit through it.
After that me and Lara bullied Matt (joking, love you dude) into taking us to Pv. Poor Matt didnt find a parking place so dropped us off and went home :( leaving me and La alone...went to Koyote to meet her Uni friends...enough said about THAT :P Then met Dezz, Luke, Ang, Sarah and company for a relaxed half an hour before going off home. Oh, met Gareth, who was a close friend of mine all the way through secondary school....havent seen him in two years, and met him twice in one evening gah.
it was an eventfull and fun evening.
mela, Sunday...
Went to mass at Uni for the Alive on Sunday. Was nice.
Mike arrived late cause of the (and i quote here) "fucking marathoners! they closed half Malta!"
After mass, went home for bout an hour, then it was off to Ta' Qali for the day.
Right, first up....Some people have no idea how to give directions, to find where the others where we were told of two landmarks, a billboard and a bouncy castle, these eventually wer on two seperat sides of the field.
Anyway, we found them.

threw the rugby ball around a bit,
then thought the girls how to throw the ball, and did tha for a while...hilarious...especially Angie's bangles jingling at every movement.
after that matt mike and stephan started a bit of a praise session with guitares...
to be honest didnt feel like...

so kinda wondered off with Lara and Ang, and ended up lying down in the middle of the field, not giving a damn about the people round us.

was great, we just lied there chatting and appreciating the grass sky and clouds....sounds cheesy, but its bugger off.

then a bit more rugby ball kicking and throwing while the other people where roller blading, and eating.

Not really a blader myself, but i suppose it could be fun...i know it makes stupid photos :P

This next photo deserves an explanation...Matt wanted to blade using the ones Lara was using, but she didnt have her shoes close by, so they just kinda exchanged.

Next event of the day...Sarah trying some driving in Luke's car....i pity the instructer who will eventually teach her.
After that...HALF AN HOUR to start Dezz's car...sorry dezz, had to say it...we managed eventually.
Then its off to Sarah's house to do our work together instead of alone in our respective homes.
well Matt didnt come cause he went to eat pasta and watch a dvd with chris and dan...highly suspicious, and Lara didnt cause she couldnt.
It was ok.
a great weekend,
woke up at twelve today and find it hard to move from the running yesterday...but it was cool.
Y4j lenten talks start today.
And the door to door in Qrendi...wherever that is.




Lara :) said...

hey sim, yeah was a pretty eventful weekend, we all rly enjoyed it, was quite funny :):) i cant move after all that running yest, shows how unfit i am but anyway...keep on blogging!
gb nd tc

Lara said...

oh and for the record, i didnt bully matt into taking us to pv on sat, sim did that on his own, i simply asked if hes going down ... anyways cya

^KaI^ said...

*cough* bully *cough* :P hehe poor matt hehe...ah i wanted to come to d picnic..stupid mocs grrr *squints eyes* but sure sarah driving was hillarious as any of d community girls on skates xD hehe gbu

Matt said...

hurrrr... sleepy sleepy sleepy sleepy...


Sarah said...

THATS IT! ... i lost all my hopes of ever becoming a driver or owning a nice pink car for that matter but anyways ... never again sim ... loool u hear? *silence*


Simon said...

u know i was joking, u wer obviously scared, i stalled five times before moving any car an inch wen i started.
but if u never own a pink car, ill consider it as doing u a favour.