Friday, February 22, 2008

quick update

Hey People,

Mela, loads to talk about....
last Friday...after community, went to Dubliners, but only after walking to Baystreet to see the slum and back in the pouring rain, was fun i love the rain and hate unbrellas (i feel restricted holding one, and ppl keep them at the right hight to seriously injure my eyes) so it was cool getting soaked. Pint went home.

Saturday, went out to Dubliners again, met Fran from Uni (Hey!) by pure coincidence and shared a drink with her while we caught up a bit, back to the chaos people, then met Vanessa from uni (Hey to you too!) and same prosedure again :P nice night, was fun, relaxed, no expected me to dance, and i happily didnt.

Sunday..nothing special all day, went to mass in G'Mangia in the evening and spent some time at the swings with Ang, Sarah and ....Mark i think...was fun, then to her house where i got shot over 20 times...still i enjoyed it....Thank to her Dad for the kick ass pasta.

Sry cant be bothered to post more photos...just to let you all know, we did some roller blading and obviously I have a photo of Sarah G flat on her face :)

moving on!!!

Tuesday as you know got my laptop back and spent the rest of the week inking and colouring a comic, on a story Matt and I had come up with some time ago, all using the Graphic Tablet, (Thanks Again Ang) and finished it yesterday, after which I joined Mike and Luke, and the girls at worship through Dance...YES I DID!!!


Community this evening, but now off to lunch with Lara and Ang, taking every chance i get to get out of the house.

Gbu all



Anonymous said...

u need to study sim!!! :P

Sarah said...

hehe sim ... man i must say these past few weekend have been pretty fun! man they were the BOMB thanks for the photos! MEMORIES!!! :D

Cya bro ...

G ;)

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