Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Graphic Tablet

Hey people,
Ah, sry didnt post for the past weekend, loads to say, and a few photos..but too tired now.
Finally got to use my Graphic Tablet given to me by Angie, Thanks a lot, it was REALLY REALLY sweet of you...still gotta get used to it, not as easy as i imagined,
Here's my first picture, using only it...its a trial...i WILL get better, like the final result myself..
and the signature kicks ass:




Matt said...

Yar, tis a tricky little device to use. I don't actually use mine a whole lot, at least not for inking as such, its fun for sketching though.


^KaI^ said...

i like d pic though i dont no wat d thingy boo is or y u use it but anyhu hehe :)

Chris said...

You might want to practice over at

It's an awesome little game.