Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The 14th day of the second month of the year

"Oh my God he asked me to meet him. I still cant believe it" she thought as she made her way towards the bar where he and his friends always start off their evening.
She had spent hours getting ready, and looked amazing. What one could see as she walked along the cold sea front was a tall slim young woman, with amazing long straight dark hair swung with each step. She wore a coat down to the knees, covering a delightful brown top revealing just the right mount of skin and a darker brown scarf. She wore a pair of tight jeans that made her know...
She was really excited and kind of scared at the same time. She had secretly liked this guy for ages and had started getting close only recently. He hadn't seemed interested in a relationship up until now, except that of a friend. "Maybe he was waiting for Valentine's Day....How sweet!!!" She blushed slightly imagining their first kiss.
She finally got to the bar and opened the door. His group of friends where sitting in the usual spot, just inside.
"Hey! he's at the bar!"
She heads towards the bar to meet him there, wthout his friends first.
She spotted him at the far end, and as she approached her heart began to beat harder.
He turned, saw her and smiled,
"Hey, Hi, Happy Single Awarness Day! Want a beer?"
Her heart sank.

*evil grin*

Yeah....just felt like enjoying myself, and i did, writing that.

Happy Birthday to Paws!!!
And Happy single awarness day to the rest of you


PS: leave any 'Single Awerness Day' or if u wish 'Valentine Day' messages in the comments thanks.


Sarah said...

HAPPY SINGLE AWARENESS DAY dudes and dudettes ...

Good one sim .. i like!

I uploaded mine too check it out



Anonymous said...

thank you simon xxxxxxxxxx...Happy Valntines


Matt said...

Woo! Happy SAD, the day for those people who don't have someone but can't be bothered to be bitter about it!.. well much... I still say we should go cupid hunting, maybe poach a 'me-to-you' or something...


^KaI^ said...

hey sim!! happy SAD hehe...i like this SAD thing its funny..but i dont mind valentine's day hehe its hasnt sunk in yet i think..or its cos im so happy with my valentine's prezzie that my valentine gave me hehe :D GLEE:D..u no wat im talking bout :P

Chris said...