Monday, January 26, 2009

the beginning of another week


So last night, dru and I felt the urge to go out...we were both at home and feel like we're getting old too some randomness was needed...
everybody being at home studying and it being 10 at night, our only plausible idea was a film...
so we headed off to st julians to watch the 11.30 showing of Defiance.
It's a gd film, enjoyed it.

But what the hell? you study film for one semester and you cant help but notice the monatge style and editing and filming techniques used in a film.
fun granted...but sometimes u just wanna relax.

anyway...slept at 4am and loved it.

today went for a driving lesson with Angie and i must say she is getting better...hopefully she'll be going up for the test soon.
last exam tomorrow...yey me...and then i got some design work to get done for miguel and chiara (hello to them) got a video to make (hope i manage this one actually :S) and practise needs to begion for the talent show at the coming community weekend.. (excited)(thanks kai)
thats all

ah no!
one last thing:
dunno if you noticed, but everyday at the bottom of the page there is a new Terry Pratchett quote, from one of his discworld books...
for those who've read his work, it's funny remembering the story and specific moments...for those who haven't, it gives a gd idea of what you're missing.

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