Friday, January 23, 2009


Oh Thank God!
Seriously, I really have a reason to thank Him.
this evening i had my 7th exam, which was an oral or Organizational Communication. Now this subject so so vast and jam packed with detail that we're expected to know, it says it in part of the notes.
the second part of this same subject is Human Communications, which is rather more common sense to me...and I was so scared that some detailed question would come out, my heart i was racing.
As the person before me came out i was on my way in when he opened the door asking who's next...he found me with his face.
"me" i said.
"you" he replied,
and i couldn't resist "and you too",
"yes me too" he said smiling.
well, the atmosphere was relaxed from then on and when i sat down and picked the question...I smiled.

A good communicator is born not made. Discuss.

waaaa.....i'm sure anyone with a bit of a brain could answer that one...and having read some of the notes from the seminar (which i only did roughly as i remmebered most of it) was brilliant.
i got out of the office and leapt for joy, literally.
a bitch exam tomorrow morning,
and the last one on tuesday the 27th.

i'm going to the praise of community today...cause He deserves it...definitely!
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thanks to matt
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